CPE is Canada’s only all private capital and public news and data provider.

We provide trusted, unbiased without undue industry influence, and verified private and public market news and information to all industry stakeholders.

Our story

Our private capital research history goes back to 1992 when Ted Liu (right out of business school and with zero knowledge of “relational database”) joined Macdonald & Associates Limited, a newly re-started Canada’s only private capital research firm (later acquired by its initial joint venture partner, Thomson Reuters).  Ted was responsible for building two industry-leading databases that track and provide official industry statistics to the Canadian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (CVCA), formerly known as The Canadian Venture Capital Association (CVCA) or The Association of Canadian Venture Capital Companies (ACVCC).

Ted was the architect of TechFinance.ca (purchased by CVCA in 2013) and CVCA Infobase. Ted was instrumental for producing the most comprehensive and verified Canadian VC/PE annual investment and fundraising statistics.

CPE Media & Data Company was re-launched in July 2016 to provide truly independent, unbiased, and comprehensive data coverage and research on private capital and public financing.

What sets us apart from all others

CPE is founded by Ted Liu, Canada’s foremost and the most experienced private capital and financing research expert who has been passionately tracking and researching Canadian private capital and financing market since 1992. There is no person or firm in Canada that has more experience than we do.

CPE is proudly Canadian owned. We are not owned by a foreign entity or a foreign entity providing Canadian data and news contents from Asia, USA or UK. With over 30 years’ research experience, we know Canadian financing research better than anyone, Canadian or foreign.

CPE is independently owned. We provide unbiased and uninfluenced data and news for the benefit of all industry stakeholders.

Backed by over 30-year industry experience, we are the Canadian private capital and financing news and information experts