CPE Analytics

CPE Analytics, a division of CPE Media & Data Company

CPE Analytics is Canada’s leading capital markets research firm carrying out comprehensive, substantive, bottom-up research gathering and analysis.

CPE’s research methodologies and expertise distinguish CPE from all other Canadian and foreign research firms.

  • All-Encompassing and All-Comprehensive. CPE’s Canadian Financing database includes information from every exempt, prospectus, new release, early warning filing with SEDAR, BCSC, OSC, SEDAR+, AMF (Quebec) and Canadian filing with SEC, direct submissions from law firms/investors, company/investor announcements, investor websites, and various financial news sites.
  • Unmatched Industry Expertise. Backed with over 30 years’ research experience, CPE is Canada’s only research firm capable of vigorously verifying and cross-checking deals with company/investors directly and with its propriety sources of information checking indirectly.
  • Laser Focused on Accuracy. Data must be accurate to be useful. With verification and cross-checking, CPE eliminates filing errors which are prevalent, unverified, unchecked but included in securities commissions’ annual industry reports. CPE strives to provide accurate deal closing dates, compared to announced and filing dates which are commonly used by Canadian and US data providers. CPE provides accurate deal amount, eliminating amount should not be included, such as secondary transactions which are exits and not investments.

Ted Liu, MBA, M.Sc., founder of CPE, has been passionately researching Canadian private capital market since 1992.

CPE has done research reports and analysis for several of Canada’s securities commissions and public exchanges, among numerous other capital market industry clients.

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